The 1st Research Grant (April, 2016 to March, 2017) Granted Research

Kyoto University
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor Shuhei Seki

Design of Polyuretanes and Related Hydrogen-Bonding Supramolecular Materials with Charge Carrier Transporting Properties

Nagoya Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor Akinori Takasu

Design of Electrophoretic Non-Ionic Polyurethanes and the Applications

Nagasaki University
Graduate School of Engineering
Assistant Professor Suguru Motokucho

Synthesis of cyclic carbonate by using a polyurethane as an organic catalyst

Kyushu University
Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage (HYDROGENIUS)
Associate Professor Hirotada Fujiwara

Effects of primary structure on gas sealing property of crosslinked polyurethane

University of Fukui
Graduate School of Engineering
Professor Tamotsu Hashimoto

Synthesis of pH- and temperature-sensitive polyurethane materials

Universitas Indonesia
Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Mochamad Chalid

1.Functionalization of cellulose through polyurethanization by the addition of polyethylene glycol and diisocyanate
2.Novel route of synthesis for cellulose fiber- based hybrid polyurethane

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