Purpose of establishment

Polyurethane has a long history, and since it was first invented in Germany in 1937, a wide variety of polyurethane products such as foam, rubber (elastomer), fiber, synthetic leather, adhesives, paints, have been manufactured. In addition, it can provide various contradictory functions such as elasticity / shock absorption, heat insulation / heat transfer, sound absorption / sound insulation and so on, and are widely used for daily items, clothing, logistics, automobile parts, information equipment, and various industrial materials by various developments over the years.

Polyurethanes are expected to continue to contribute significantly to further development of the industry dealing with advanced and complex social demands, while addressing environmental issues such as safety, environment, clean, ecology, and energy conservation. Thus we need to respond to social demands and issues such as global environmental protection. The foundation was established with the aim of further development of polyurethane technology and human resources.


Our goal is to contribute to the development of the polymer field in the world by providing research grants to institutions and individuals conducting basic research and applied research on polymer chemistry mainly composed of polyurethane through sponsorship, cooperation or cosponsorship of research meetings related.

Description of activities

  1. Providing research grants
    We provide research grants to universities, research institutions and individuals that are contributing or considered to contribute to the growth and environment-friendly research and development of polyurethane technologies.

  2. Hosting, co-hosting and supporting research forums on polyurethane technologies
    We bear expenses for the International Polyurethane Forum and other conferences for presentation of studies on polyurethane by hosting, co-hosting and supporting them.


Dec 1, 2014: Established International Polyurethane Technology Foundation
May 18–19, 2015: Organized International Polyurethane Forum 2015
Feb, 18, 2016: Sponsorship for Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 17"
Mar, 2016: The 1st Research grant
Mar 17, 2017: Co-sponsored of Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 18"
Mar, 2017: The 2nd Research grant
Jun 12, 2017: The 1st Research grant report presentation
Mar 20, 2018: Co-sponsored of Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 19"
Mar, 2018: The 3rd Research grant
Aug 30, 2018: The 2nd Research grant report presentation
Mar 22, 2019: Co-sponsored of Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 20"
Mar, 2019: The 4th Research grant
August 28, 2019: The 3rd Research grant report presentation
December, 2019: Acquired certification as a public interest foundation
Mar, 2020: The 5th Research grant
August 25, 2020: The 4th Research grant report presentation
Mar, 2021: The 6th Research grant
August 27, 2021: The 5th Research grant report presentation
Mar, 2022: The 7th Research grant